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You are the Same Substance as God

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This channeling is in three parts. First, a mother comes to visit her daughter grieving. The main channeling is innovative information about the nature of God. The last section is a healing exercise to cleanse your shame preparing for ascension. This video is now on You Tube at See her other videos at You Tube

The main channeled message is from St. Germaine. His words bring a higher consciousness and understanding the nature of God. He offers simple examples to make his point. The dense atom keeps your awareness in the third dimension of darkness and left-brain. This message helps to understand that the atoms inside of each person are expanding so that the light within can better shine and be seen.

As this light moves down through the dimensions the color changes and the distance between the particles becomes more compact. Therefore, the compacted particles cannot move as it did in its original source of a higher dimension. This feels like separation from the power of light and brings darkness or the absence of light ultimately if not remedied. This allows your heart consciousness to move into your total wholeness in relaxing the body. With the expansion within the atoms from a higher consciousness, more of the inner light of who you are is emerging. This event is happening in group consciousness, permitting the earth to return to the light of the spiritual world.

He relates this energy shift to a tuning fork that is returning you to your perfect pitch of God. The suggestion is to release the last remnants of your dense, dark, and fearful vibrations. Accepting that it is safe to live in reality is the choice and shift that offers the safety of reality. As the past fearful energy is leaving, you have arrived into the light at the end of the tunnel.

You are of the same substance. He brings the explanation that spirit and science are talking about the same vibration of energy. Only the words have been the lack of understanding. That they are talking about the same thing, one from a visible energy, and one from an invisible energy higher on the scale. Then he has a visualization of omnipresence, omnipotent, and omniscient that are aspects of God in you. The Father (Spirit) and I are one. You are moving into Heaven on Earth for the first time in history. You are moving into the ‘Now” of reality.

The channeling concludes with Archangel Ariel offering an exercise to remove all shame from one side of the coin and pride from the other side. This experience cleanses the listener and allows for moving into the “Now” where you relax into the peace of God.

Marilyn Redmond, CHT, IBRT is a psychic and medium who channels ascended masters and Archangels’ messages. They are available on You Tube. As an Internationally Board Certified Regressionist. Marilyn Redmond assists people to find the root cause of any illness or difficulty, so it can be replaced with a loving solution. She shares her own recovery from violence and illnesses that influenced her life.

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