Thursday, October 30, 2014

Drug Addiction, Prescription Addiction, and Alcoholism: A New Understanding

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Prescription drugs are not different than street drugs. It is an arbitrary judgment to convince people there is a reason to criminalize the use of drugs. Laws do not really make one drug better or worse, as a drug is a drug, no matter how you label it. Did you know that Coca Cola had Cocaine in it and was legal years ago? Morphine was legal at one time, too. They all are toxic and poisonous to the body and lead to death or insanity over time. Laws are a way for some people to monopolize the profits. Doctors could be said to be legal drug pushers. The drug companies in this case reap the profit.

The addiction is a result of a craving in the body and lack of self-worth fueled by fear. This is not a punishable crime but a reason to find appropriate help through counselors that understand this disease. Addicted people are not bad people, but sick people needing to get well.

For years, I was addicted at various times to Valium, Zoloft, and Depakote. The doctor said I had anxiety, later he said I was depressed, and then he declared that I had Bipolar Disorder. I found myself in treatment for alcoholism discovering 12 step programs. Recovery of 28 years has given me wisdom and insights into prescription drug addiction and alcoholism. I did not consciously know that I was maladjusted to life, in full flight from reality, or was mentally malfunctioning.

I know today that if alcoholism runs in the family you are set up for addiction. Liquid alcohol or pills are chemically the same in the metabolism of your body; it is genetic. In treatment, they told me one pill and one drink is six times the effect. I could have liquid courage and use pills to feel comfortable in a crowd. Therefore, I did not have to drink as much, but they still stuffed my feelings.

Living in domestic violence with a childhood of sexual abuse and being married thirty years in a battering and abusive marriage of rape, was dysfunctional. My father was an alcoholic and my mother was paranoid schizophrenic addicted to prescription drugs. I was a sitting duck for addiction, as I never lived in reality at home. I did not know that I was not functioning normally, however, I never felt right in my home of alcoholism and mental illness along with sex addiction and rageaholics.

Today I know it is all about fear while I am trying to be normal in crazy circumstances. The answer was to become as honest as I could in every part of my life, for reality to come in. I was looking for that love in all the wrong places, especially my family and later a husband. In addition, releasing the fears, guilt, and shame through the 12 steps and counseling, allowed me to find the inner love that I wanted.

When my spiritual malady was overcome, I straightened out mentally and physically, even emotionally, I found. This dis-ease has transformed into peace, love, and contentment through years of changing my attitudes, thinking, and behavior from the social conditioning of fears, guilt, and humiliation.

I have even released the energy of my mother’s paranoid schizophrenia, which I have been told is the first time someone has recovered from this, into reality remaining drug free. I am liberated from past abuse, fear and lack of self-worth. I live in the “Now” or moment where there is only love from my Creator. I can be myself, have my own feelings to express, and am happy, joyous and free of any toxic means that promote running from reality and stuffing my feelings. My forthcoming book, “Paradigm Busters, Reveal the Real You” shares the steps to freedom.

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