Thursday, October 30, 2014

Why are We Being Poisoned?

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The control behind the scene actually do everything they can to encourage people being sick including medicated, drugged, or addicted. They are then easily victimized, lead into deceit, and feel powerless. In the past, the government says we are fighting drugs, while agencies and wars promote them. Is America being poisoned? It is time to wake up to the lies of the propaganda in the news, research, and sources of information.

Drug usage is about addiction and is a disease. The laws look at users as needing to be punished for being bad and threatening. The public is lead to judge addicted people as menacing and not sick. The American Medical Association declared addiction a disease in 1956, however today that is not even mentioned. In fact, the spin to disclaim this disease was to say, “Do not abuse drugs”. An addiction is chronic, progressive and leads to death or insanity. The sick person is often self-medicating from trauma, pain, and fearful emotional situations. Addiction emotionally numbs the person besides creating an unconsciousness mind. Recovery offers health, sanity, and productive citizens.

Poor health comes from toxic sources. There are four sources of toxicity: the air, the ground, our food, and our thoughts. They are causing great health and sanity problems to our country.

Sadly, industrial profits are more important than air pollution. For years, airplanes released toxic chemicals in chem trails, newspapers reported, but it has never been addressed. In addition, it is as if the earth's lungs are being removed because of a lack of concern for future clean air in the forests of the Amazon. Trees convert carbon dioxide into clean oxygen and are necessary to keep our air clean.

In addition, contamination of the earth is increasing. Fluoride is a toxic waste product presented as a gift for dental care, when in reality it is poisonous and has been proven to reduce the IQ of children. Our water is contaminated at alarming levels where seafood, fish, and swimming are not doable, anymore.

Sick residents of the community bring huge class actions lawsuits to large corporations for dumping toxic waste; remember the movie “Erin Brockovich”. Keeping family yards green and weed free contributes to the poisoning of the aquifer. Where to dispose of radiation debris in landfills, is a controversy that sterilizes the ground making crops impossible to grow. Where will it stop?

Toxicity affects our food and eating healthy. Additives and genetic restructure change naturally grown vegetables and manufactured food items. These GMO’s and farm fish are not filled with the natural minerals and elements of the earth, which provide a vital life source for our bodies to be healthy. They are void of nutritional essentials, therefore toxic. Moreover, adding sugar, chemicals as MSG, high fructose corn syrup and soy products to manufactured foodstuff creates unnecessary calories, cravings similar to alcoholism while adding toxic ingredients of no dietary value.

One of the most deadly is the sale of drugs called medicine. A drug is poison; remember the skull and cross bones on the bottles under the kitchen sink. Does a toxic substance really create health or actually, mask a symptom of a deeper problem? Keeping people drugged to produce huge pharmaceutical profits is fraudulent.

Lastly, our thoughts produce the most deadly influence on our lives. The hard sell of violence in our society through the media, including newspapers and television, movies, and electronic games are the result of toxic fear and anger that escalates. It is a plague in our country.

Our health and survival depends on our individual action that can grow into a movement for the wellbeing to which we are all entitled and need to claim. It has become a matter of life or death. Clean up the smog, we breathe daily. Restore our sparkling waterways. Use the off button on the television, scrutinize what you read and eat, select uplifting entertainment, and reprogram your thinking into a positive living style. It is time to clean up our toxic environment around us and within our lives.

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