Friday, March 23, 2018

"Love Never Fails" Live Call in Show is a Success

Love Never Fails is a huge success with lots of raves

Tune in every Tuesday afternoon for "Love Never Fails"  with your questions and to hear exciting cutting edge programs that go beyond  old ideas and understanding at 3:00PM Pacific Time on and tune in radio, 866-451-1451. On the first program, my guest was Linda Schiller-Hanna a Clairvoyant who is also an expert on relationships and abuse. 

We had a lively conversation of the problems and solutions of domestic violence . The information is valuable and timeless for those looking to understand this dilemma. She read her review on Amazon of my latest book, "Finding Reality Beyond Fear" on the air. . I did not want my readers to miss her marvelous words about this book.

 Five stars-Destined to be a best seller. Life changing if you're "up for it!" Best "tell it like it REALLY is" answer to life. Don't let the unassuming and gentle cover of this book lull you into thinking it doesn't pack a wallop! It DOES. Rarely does any human traverse an arc of growth as profound as this author in one short lifetime! Marilyn Redmond started life in a "superficially perfect" but secretly treacherous home. Brilliant and pretty, and determined to be a perfect little girl, with straight A's, musical mastery, poise and grace...she covered the scars for years. Unfortunately, looking good and trying hard did not protect her from the subtle and subconscious issues that challenging biochemical heredity, family dysfunction, and low self-esteem created.
What is remarkable about this book is how calmly and matter-of-factly she describes her journey from Finding Reality Beyond Fear. No barefoot runner from darkest Africa who wins an Olympics golden medal will have worked any harder than she has!

Quietly, patiently, calmly, Redmond spells out golden nuggets of truth that seem "simplistic" on the surface. Yet, putting them into practice and getting the community, and our consciousness, and will to work it into our life plans may be challenging. Are you up for a blueprint that shows the way, and helping you avoid the multiple pitfalls that even the "best guides"(Our doctors/schools/courts/systems/communities/charities) generally offer...that don't really work, but are "how we've always done it." BESIDES, keeps us in the POWER seat and RICH and you in the one-down position of struggle and pain.
If you're ready to break through from the "trash" that is normally fed to us when we are recovering from something: whether a dysfunctional childhood, addiction or PTSD, this little book could be your most valuable and viable tool. It is nothing short of revolutionary. Ignore it at your peril!

Thank you, Linda for your powerful and kind words telling people about my book, "Finding Reality Beyond Fear".  Next week is the topic where I explore Holistic Health. Call in with your questions to 866-451-1451 at  

Monday, March 19, 2018

Call in to "Love Never Fails" the New Live Call in Talk Show, Begins Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Call in to "Love Never Fails" the new live call in talk show, begins Tuesday, March 20, 2018 at 3:00PM Pacific Time with Marilyn Redmond and her relationship expert guest Linda Schiller-Hanna, on < phone into 866-451-1451.

After illness, snowstorms, and technical difficulties the show is going on the air Tuesday, March 20, 2018. I am so excited to have my special guest, Linda Schiller-Hanna, a Clairvoyant, Psychic, Medium, and Reiki Master who is also skilled on relationships. The show on March 20, 2018 will be focused on relationships. Questions do not have to match the topic, so feel free to dial 866-451-1451. We both answer questions on Quora on the internet, too. Together we have over fifty years of experience, insights, and understanding.

I have other guests invited to offer their knowledge and experiences, too. There will be a wide range of topics for your listening interest. A few of the topics that I will cover over the coming season, are:  Relationships, Holistic Health and Healing, Flower Essences, Reiki, Therapeutic Hypnosis, Negative Entities, Past Life Regression, Empowerment & Self-Esteem, Domestic Violence, Addictions & the Family, Spirituality, Angels, Educational Excellence, Channeling, Psychic & Tarot Readings, Inspirational, and your concerns.   
I am an ordained spiritual minister for counseling, International Speaker, International award-winning writer, International Author, International Consultant, International Columnist, International Board of Regression therapy for Therapeutic Hypnotist, Past Life Therapy, artist of your angels, and give readings. 

"Finding Reality Beyond Fear" is my path into being medically free of all prescriptions and beliefs that stopped my health, sanity, and happiness.I found that the love within my heart is the answer, when I release all the outside advice, information, and lack of truth that stops my health. Love heals: Love Never Fails. It is an inside job. It is on, along with my other books and eBooks. 

Share the word to tune in weekly and share the benefits and wisdom from "Love Never Fails". I will continue with my wisdom for the monthly column in The Sussex Newsletter, now that the show is ready to be enjoyed by you and your friends.

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