Friday, January 25, 2019

I am the Genie in the Bottle 

By Marilyn Redmond 

Rev. Marilyn L. Redmond, BA, CHT, IBRT

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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

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Marilyn is a member of the International Board of Regression Therapy, American Board of Hypnotherapy, and lifetime member of Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment. She teaches in colleges, wellness centers, and for metaphysical groups. Marilyn's many interviews, lectures, and spiritual information are on You Tube. Her TV and other appearances are big successes. 

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ABOUT ADHD--Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder

While I still taught in the public schools in the 70's, a label was attached to children acting out in class. Those needing help to handle their behavior in my class were sent for a hair test by the school psychologist. Missing minerals and other elements were detected to balance the child's chemistry through a hair test. Proper nutrition was provided through the specially prepared school lunches, for two boys in my room. After two weeks, the boys were acting appropriate in the classroom. After the psychologist retired, Ritalin was prescribed rather than using diet to help the students. In my experience, I found that drugs are toxic and stop emotional growth and good feelings.

During my research for another article, I found a common thread among the many school shootings in the news. In speaking with a security guard at one of the schools, he divulged that the shooting students were on prescriptions, including Ritalin.

The following excerpt is from my research article, "Are the Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and School Authorities Manufacturing Insanity",

…In the Columbine incident great attention was in the media, without the real cause. That the students were on drugs was not widely shared. One survivor of Columbine, Mark Taylor, in his testimony before the FDA 9/13/2004 stated, “As Americans we should have the right to feel safe and if you were doing your job we would be safe. Why are we worrying about terrorists in other countries when the pharmaceutical companies have proven to be our biggest terrorists by releasing these drugs on an unsuspecting public? The manufacture did not disclose the negative side effects of antidepressant-induced manic behaviors like fire starting, violence and aberrant behavior as the high profits came in. They are potentially habit forming, meaning addictive and create long-term patients and then profits. A pill does not assist in dealing with life. Let us support our youth in dealing with their problems utilizing effective, natural drug-free solutions…

US American psychiatrist, Leon Eisenberg, born in 1922 as the son of Russian Jewish Immigrants, who was the “Scientific father of ADHD” said at the age or 87 in his last interview, “ADHD is a prime example of a fictitious disease.” Since 1968, Leon Eisenberg’s “disease” was expressed in the diagnostic and statistical manuals, first as “hyperkinetic reaction of childhood”, now called “ADHD in the United States.

The use of Ritalin raised the question that it amounted to interference in the child’s freedom and personal rights, because pharmacological agents induced behavioral changes but failed to educate the child on how to achieve these behavioral changes independently. The child was deprived of an essential learning experience to act autonomously and emphatically which “considerably curtails their freedom and impairs their personality development.

The issue led to the investigation of “financial ties” to the pharmaceutical industry. They found there was a financial association between those prescribing with companies in the medicinal manufacturing. In addition, they found a one hundred percent financial tie to drug companies for other prescribed drugs, especially for the treatment for mental disorders.

In my practice, I found that one child in a typical dysfunctional family will act out the family's emotional baggage. The student carries the anger, shame and other emotional weight of the family and becomes the scapegoat. Placing children in the hands of a pharmaceutical market because the entire society cannot handle the products of its misguided theories of human behavior and raising children is a form of insanity. Let us return to the basic matter of individual psychology and education where the child is to acquire personal responsibility and appropriate behavior under sensible guidance involving the family and the schools.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

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About Schools and Education

 It does not take money but being open-minded to allow individuals to be themselves. As a retired teacher in the state of Washington, I understand what needs to happen to education. It is not about tests, money, or rigid teacher training, it is about a balanced philosophy for left and right brain creativity.

There is a faction who wants to raise a labor force that does not think for themselves. Schools have been taken over by this agenda and infiltrated the curriculum and purpose of education. What is a real education? To “deliver information” as described by recent educators and Bill Gates is the opposite of the meaning of education. This is the intent of a controlling manipulative group who in our society wishes to govern.

Real education allows that inner person to come alive with imagination, inspiration, and feelings create real people. Free thinkers do not accept tyranny, laws that deprive freedom, and thought control. As a public school teacher with more than sixty years experience, I would like to explain about teaching. It is more important to have a teacher with a rational mind, a healthy attitude, and an open mind, than a trained teacher that is pushed through a restrictive set of curriculum that promotes everyone being the same. 

In the fifties, we taught to the needs of the student, and then it changed to the school district decided what we were to teach, followed by the state mandates, then the federal government had "No Child Left Behind". It has been a slow change of philosophy to create a limited mindset, therefore denying the whole child.

We need diversity and not similarity to make our country strong. We have to have people who think out of the box and are not punished for thinking beyond the current trends of uniformity. Test scores are only a number given to the results of the performance by a student on a given day on a skill learned. It has nothing to do with innate intelligence or ingenuity. 

To pigeonhole a student with a number and compare them to another person takes away the individuality of the student’s unique abilities and talents. It reduces them to a digit and takes away their personality and personal freedom to be themselves. When did leaders come from the well-trained ranks? Only if they have the ability to be creative, intuitive, and offer ideas beyond the confined thinking of the times is there real education. 

The United States has departed from our pioneers in education: such as John Dewey, Jean Piaget, and Abraham Maslow. Friedrich Froebel's philosophy was that humans are creative beings. These educators provided an innovative process producing real education for pupils. Teachers need to assist a student in finding their own abilities while discovering learning is limitless.

A person who is able to encourage others to think from his heart did not learn it from a book. This is the real teaching and is not quantifiable. "You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself." Galileo.

A left-brain curriculum creates robots and children with poor self-esteem. People are individuals and no one is the same. It is not teaching to fill a student with book learning. In addition, you cannot teach a teacher to think with his heart. The movie, "Spare Parts" is a great example of a teacher who allowed high students to enter a contest and use their talents to achieve victory over Ivy League colleges in a national contest for underwater robotics. When the students were encouraged to think with their imaginations, they were not only winners, but gained self-esteem. 

Creativity is discouraged because book learning and test readiness takes priority, recently. This is a grave mistake if you want to build success within a child. I was taught "success breeds success" in college classes for teacher's training. When labeled a failure for being a square peg in a round hole, the emotional damage may not ever be repaired. 

I am an instinctive a teacher finding that learning in a happy situation works much better. A good teacher will drop out of the field because they are sensitive people. What is left is a robot teacher teaching robot students. A basic and diverse background was not meant to create humiliating hoops to jump through while training in the profession, as I just heard from a person supervising student teachers. 

As an international speaker, international award winning writer, international author, international consultant, international columnist, international board certified regression therapist,  artist, and ordained minister for spiritual counseling, I share my experience, strength and hope that  "everyone will enrich their lives". 

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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Healing from Bipolar Disorder and Mental Illness

A diagnosis does not have to be a lifelong sentence. Thirty-three years back I gave up drinking alcohol and was given medications from a psychiatrist to help my unbalanced life. I had gone for help to leave my domestic violence, abandonment, and shamed life as I was living in survival and victimization.

After eighteen years on prescriptions that addicted me, my new doctor put me on Depakote. I found it was addicting, too, even though I was told it was not. However, the side effects became worse than the disorder and my friend saw them as disturbing. It was as if I now had Bell's Palsy or Parkinson's, too. It was time to stop the pills. This was the worst withdrawal I have ever experienced.

Each day a loving God was like the carrot before the mule. Detoxing took three months. Because I was disoriented, I could not drive, fill out a form, or balance my checkbook. I found that Bipolar Disorder is a way to run away from reality just like drinking. Moreover, medications also drugged me and kept me stuck in my insanity.

It was time to give up my old mind-set from my family that lived in a fear-based life of alcoholism and mental illness. My yielding to a caring Higher Power was my answer. I found that wellness is my spiritual inheritance. Love would heal my life.

I humbly asked God to remove my Bipolar Disorder and thanked him for replacing it with His love and grace. In addition, I took many supportive actions to raise my vibrations into a higher consciousness beyond the fears and harms of the past.

An excellent support came from Flower Essences that are pure energy and became essential to moving out the old energy. They push out stuck, dark, emotional energy leaving space for loving energy to replace the old trauma, crisis, fear, and other negativity. Over time, I grew into grace, which restored the natural chemical balance in my body. I was not deficient of drugs; I was lacking love as the basis for a balanced life in reality. Accepting a loving basis for my life restored my true chemistry.

With my new way of life, I replaced my old thoughts and behavior to positive responses and faced life's issues. I had been looking for love in all the wrong places, my husband, job, children, even church. I moved my actions and thinking to respond as if I were in the presence of love.

The chemical balance in my body was restored after I was off all prescriptions and turned a new leaf by focusing on the next right thing in front of me. This replaced my reacting from the past while in survival. As a substitute for my fear based emotions that I released, instead, I chose to focus on gratitude for a benevolent energy of the universe that is within all our hearts. Now, I project a positive attitude and feel cheerful emotions.

I was a changed person. Living in the presence of love brings peace, happiness, and sanity, which I had not felt before; it felt good. Asking God daily to guide my thoughts, words and actions, changes my motivation into sending out loving emotions, rather than my fear-based thoughts of the past.

Another practical suggestion is to drink lots of pure water; this will flush out your system. If you carry a bottle of water, write on paper Love and Acceptance facing inward for the water to connect with the vibrations of the words. Over time as you drink this water, you will feel more spiritual. Your body is mostly water. In his book, "The Hidden Messages in Water", Dr. Emoto showed in his work with water crystals that we can change water by using positive words on our water. My drinking water then has a new taste and is supportive to a healthy person. Later, I changed the words on my drinking water to God and moved into more sanity.

For me, Bipolar Disorder was a lesson to learn to love and forgive others and myself. I could face reality and address life in loving solutions, instead of running from reality. I am daily thankful for a new healthy life where I love myself and help others. Bipolar Disorder became my gift to learn that there is no life sentence, only the opportunity to grow beyond the past into a new life in the present.

My new life includes being totally honest with myself which is an everyday choice to live in reality.
Edgar Cayce, the Father of Holistic Health said, "There are in truth no incurable conditions". This became my inspiration to move into being mentally free of the diagnosis. My psychiatrist declared me sane several years ago. With a daily focus of the consciousness of the presence of love in my life, I retain my sanity.

“Paradigm Busters, Revealing the Real You” is my book with the principals and steps I took into sanity. It helps people overcome their maladies of health, addictions, mental and relationship issues.
As an Internationally Board Certified Regressionist, I assist people to find the root cause of any illness or difficulty so it can be replaced with a loving solution. Growing beyond my verdict brought the gift of maturity. Today, I am happy, joyous, and free of the ego's messages from the past.

In addition, I am an international author, speaker, consultant, and columnist. My email is for psychic readings. My website is My books on offer help to overcome any difficulty. My blog is My lectures, interviews, and spiritual information on You Tube have my solutions to life's dilemmas.