Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Time to Become Aware in Your Life

People can move into Christ Consciousness if they choose to have a more positive life in unconditional love. New Messages from St. Germaine,  bring awareness to the changes we are experiencing. He explains that the earth is moving through the Photo Belt that is bringing in more energy to "Let your light shine". He explains the times related to the New and Old Testaments and changing into a new calendar from BC, AD into a new dispensation of Compassion. The Mayan Calendar describes the transitions. The old calendar was from the dispensation of Law called B.C. as describe in the Old Testament, into dispensation of Love labeled A.D., which is depicted as the New Testament, and now we are moving into compassion that will change the calendar again. The end of the Mayan calendar was 2012. It is time for the new age of kindness, concern, and caring.

The planet is maturing into a new dimension from selfish, childish behaviors and attitudes of third dimension. It is possible not to reincarnate if you align with unconditional love and compassion. St Germaine offers three ways to move more easily into the Fifth dimension often described as "Heaven on Earth" with the only reality of God's love.

Reality is within and is the silent invisible loving energy that you can allow to be your guidance and direction. This guidance is more helpful than allowing external authorities, experts, or friends around you to influence your life. Moving into no judgment, criticism, or condemnation feels like heaven. Living your life is being true to yourself. In loving yourself, you will extend this to those around you. Your peace brings a peaceful consciousness to the planet.

Those attending the channeling asked questions in Part one of the November 20, 2015 channeling. The answers are helpful to all who are looking for spiritual assistance and help. The first question is about a past relationship with St. Germaine. He answers questions about spiritual care during sleep. He goes on to explain more about accepting life as it appears in our experience.

The Third part is a guided exercise to help raise your consciousness into Christ consciousness. Archangel Ariel loves to give blessings. Those ways to help people spiritually grow are blessings. You Tube viewers did not wait for this notice; they are already viewing, learning, and enjoying the profound information that brings a higher awareness into our lives. 

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