Tuesday, July 12, 2016

How Do You Harness Your Energy?

Have you often felt powerless and without control of your life? Are we really lacking the ability to influence your circumstances? Why do some people get the great results, while you sit on the sidelines?

You have energy in your life. The answer lies in how you use your inner spirit often labeled energy. Some people ignore this beneficial influence and some people have learned to harness their energy and use it well. It is often called chi, prana, or vital life force. An invisible, beneficent, vibrating force that gives us growth and manifests in my life is a new thought for some.

Spiritual power is invisible and usually not included for personal direction and guidance in life. This power can also be thought of as a Creative Intelligence or universal consciousness underlying the totality of things. Edgar Cayce the great psychic of the 20th century called it the Creative Forces and in the movie, Star Wars, called it "The Force". 

Over the ages, the message has been that we have little influence over our predicaments. In the past, I believed that I would always be in a terrible, horrible, and painful life being raised and married into domestic violence. After years of playing the victim and giving away my power, I discovered that I did not have to do that. It was time to stop volunteering to be a victim.

Finding different ways to manifest a healthier life style became my new goal.* First, I had to be committed to going to any lengths to change my old ways and ideas. They brought on my depression, harm, and illness. The old ideas were ingrained in me from my family, church, medicine, school, and societies' rules. Instead, I had to trust my inner love/light to support me.

My answer was to change my thoughts and beliefs for new results. I could alter my thinking into a new productive mindset. My imprisonment from false beliefs and thinking could bring freedom. Transforming my attitudes from negative to the positive became a major challenge for my new way of living.

Affirmations became my new encouraging view. Realizing they were simple statements of truth surprised me. I discovered that I had lived in fantasy and not reality. I felt changes happening.
The fact is fear attracts fearful results. Fearful messages edge God out. As I let go of each fear, I started to merge more of God's love and grace in to fill the empty space left.

I began to identify each of my ego's messages that were projecting fear and producing my lifelong misery. That there is a universal law that "Like attracts like" became a new understanding. Sending out loving energy would improve my circumstances. I cannot have fear and faith at the same time.

Staying in fear keeps me immature. A child is afraid of the Boogie Man. With the light of truth, the darkness leaves. I can then respond in a loving mature response. Because I was truly wanting a happy life, my ego needed to be reduced from running the show.*

Discovering a hundred forms of fear was my chief motivation was a new understanding. I found fearful ideas created irrational results. They were the obstacles to a better life; I was ready to let them go. That is why I never could improve my life. I learned, "Let go and let God". I also used a God Box where I placed a piece of paper with each named fear written on it, to release them from my mind.  Life started to feel better. It was working.

In addition, resentments had to be recognized and released. They are symbolic of a little child throwing a temper tantrum because something or someone did not go their way. Transforming the anger of the resentment into being upset and then disappointed, I found that furious energy gradually dissolves. Today, I choose to act in helpful ways and forgive.

Directing my power beyond the childish responses opens new doors to abundance and prosperity. This brings a new sense of security and comfort.

Messages of my lack of security and lack of love from the ego were the only obstacles to manifesting happiness and prosperity. Therefore, allowing spirit to flow through me and expand is necessary. Spirituality is energy in expansion. Watching the miracles appear is amazing.

Spirituality is very practical. Moving into a loving basis was exciting to me. My life began to bloom. Changing negative thoughts, words, or actions into positive ones made a difference.
I found a decorative plaque in a bookstore that listed the fruits of the spirit.  But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law."Galatians 5:22-23 is a typical list for the aspects of spirituality. Each week, I practice a different aspect and apply it in my life. Over time, my progress has shown harmony and peace. This is my reward.

When I express gratitude, even more goodness manifests. Listing everything for which I am grateful and adding to my gratitude list, brings further happiness. In addition, learning forgiveness is a major change for me. This removes the victim chains to the past. I found compassion for those people, as they are hurting from their own problems. Learning that we are all one in spirit brings unconditional love. I can love the person and not the behavior.

These ideas change everything. I am free to be myself. Stopping my reacting in fear to responding in love is empowering. I move beyond resentments and fear into maturity knowing everything is exactly as it needs to be for my lessons in growing up. Trusting that the universe will support me in all things brings peace of mind and grace. Being of assistance to others from my newfound love in my heart brings "Heaven on Earth". 

*The Real Meaning of 2012, A New Paradigm Bringing Heaven to Earth, Marilyn Redmond, http://www.amazon.com/Marilyn-Redmond/e/B0069WIKDC
*Paradigm Busters, Reveal the Real You, Marilyn L. Redmond,  http://www.amazon.com/Marilyn-Redmond/e/B0069WIKDC
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Saturday, July 9, 2016

About Alzheimer’s Disease

About Alzheimer’s Disease

Rev. Marilyn L. Redmond, BA, CHT, IBRT
Internationally Board Certified for Regression Therapy 

Disease means you are at dis-ease. So what does a person do to become at-ease and not have any diseases? Be open to the love in your life; open your heart instead of run from reality. Any disease is a signal that the vital life force is not circulating through your being to nourish it as blood nourishes your body. Any obstacles or barriers to this emotional flow in your system stops the healthy energy from traveling into all your cells. Allowing this energy is like plugging into electricity to make something work. Therefore, when it is missing your life is not energized and ultimately you will die. All disease is a red flag to connect to the missing emotional power usually called love.

Our society is steeped in fear, which stops this beneficent force from feeding your being. What are your fears? Are they from the past? These items stop your health and happiness. Sadly, most people ignore what they do not want to address. This causes the disease. Moving into the present and releasing the past suffering and pain behind allows you to live. You are available to feel the love within and enjoy your life.

The Chinese doctors for thousands of years have known that these blockages from fearful feelings stop the flow of your spirit that is also called life-force, chi, or similar terms. It is the releasing or removing of the fearful blockage that allows your spirit to move completely through out for a healthy body. 

Your disease is only a warning sign that you are not in harmony with the universe. It signals that the spirit of your being is not functioning in your life. Of course, it makes sense to have a healthy body without toxic foods or other substances as prescriptions, drugs, or compulsions as shopping, addiction as smoking, sugar, etc. These also block the energy flow through the meridians of your emotional system. Looking outside for answers to cure your disease are only ways to divert your attention from the inner life of your loving reality.  

  John H. Tilden, M.D. in his book, Toxemia: The Basic Cause of Disease, states: Dreadful afflictions do not “plague us.” If we are plagued by disease, it is of our own building; and all we need to do to get back to comfort and health is to quit building disease; then our subconscious self gets busy cleaning house…And when the truth is known that healing or the power to throw off disease and getwell is  wholly within the subconscious and is personal, we will know that curing and palliating by the administration of remedies—drugs, serums, vaccines, surgery, feeding to keep up the strength, etc. — are superfluous, meddlesome, and on the order of throwing a monkey wrench into the machinery. (p.39)

When you eat properly, help others through volunteering in numerous ways, participate in activities, and find time to enjoy yourself through interests, hobbies, sports as golf, and outdoor like bicycling, hikes, gardening, etc., you have no reason to be in dis-ease. That is unless you still have past emotional baggage you have not released which is taking your energy, so you cannot be present in your life.

My sister-in-law died from Alzheimer’s, because when her husband died, she gave up living. Get into life and live it not just walk through it in a fog of denial, forgetfulness, and ignoring your distress from unpleasant circumstances. 

If you are emotionally present in your life, it is likely you will not have Alzheimer’s. I had a friend who died of Alzheimer’s. Not addressing his past ordeals and tragedies kept him in denial.  The best alternative is to heal old wounds with love, compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude to be alive and enjoy your life.  

The Father of Holistic Medicine is Edgar Cayce. He has quotes that bring truth. He said that the mind is the builder. What are you building? Health or illness. In addition, he states, “There are in truth no incurable conditions”. I know today that we are connected to that beneficent inner energy which people also call spirit.  Our inner spirit brings happiness, joy, and frees us to be ourselves when we allow it to flow through our lives.