Thursday, October 30, 2014

Innovative Information Now Available on You Tube

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Current information for raising your consciousness into a higher realization that brings benefits in your life is now on You Tube with Marilyn Redmond, a psychic/medium. She has been channeling for several years bringing information for enhancing your life. The voices she channels offer cutting edge information beyond common knowledge. This understanding supersedes opinions, books, and dogma. Marilyn is trained in spiritual counseling and is an internationally board certified regression therapist, IBRT. She is also an international author, speaker, consultant, and columnist.

The main voice she channels is John, The Divine. However, other ascended masters including St. Germaine have given many messages. In addition, Archangels Michael and Ariel come in for messages and healing exercises. On occasion, Mother Mary has provided loving insights. Each year at Christmas Jesus talks to those present with individual messages of comfort.

John, The Divine, answers spiritual questions of those attending the monthly gatherings. The answers are universal and benefit many. In this session, participants offer gratitude to John, for the help that has been offered in the past, sharing the benefits of their improved relationships and lives. The discussion about alkaline water and diet is important for all to hear. Other questions include bringing balance into your life. Information about “grounding” is explained. Changing your focus about finances is discussed. Making decisions and changing them is also talked about. The focal point in this meeting changes to talking to those passed over to the other side. Several attendees have concerns about people on the other side relating to current troubles.

Then John proceeds to the main message that is title, “God’s Grace is Sufficient”. Moving out of the third dimension of the physically manifested world needs to transform into the reality of what is invisible but real. Third dimension is no longer sustainable. John says it is necessary to move your faith into higher consciousness because it is the real solution. Several true stories illustrate his point that explain the third dimensional thinking versus the fifth dimension based in love, are shared. This brings heaven to earth where the energy of spirit provides for a prosperous, abundant life of unconditional love.

Marilyn continues to stay current in her research and activities to promote reality and wellbeing. She has many interviews, lectures and channelings on You Tube. Recently, she was on You Tube for her information about recovery from people who use mind control at Talk Story TV will interview her again as an expert on domestic violence this month.

In addition, Marilyn writes with authority and understanding not textbook answers that are academic and ineffective. She continues to stay current in her research and activities to promote reality and wellbeing. Marilyn has been through many health issues, addictions, and mental illness. In addition, she has healed a life of domestic violence and relationship issues, and more.

Marilyn’s common sense knowledge and down to earth solutions and information bring real answers to health concerns and your daily troubles. When you look past the superficial problem to what is motivating this predicament, you find real answers to handle life in a more beneficial way.

Welcome to Marilyn’s daily party at Her new blog at has accurate and truthful information. With the proliferation of propaganda and misinformation, she felt a need to help inform readers with her experience and wisdom. Alternatively, you may want to use the link from her website: for easy access to go to her blog.

Bringing insights, information, and wisdom to current issues not out in the media, is her goal. Going beyond the misinformation, or biased news reporting, she writes from her experience, facts, and hidden truth. Additionally, you can enjoy Marilyn’s first book, "Roses Have Thorns, Encouragement on Evolving from Pain to Joy" contains her poems and art along with her latest E-books at

She is on the present pulse of leading edge solutions to old problems. Marilyn was included in “Who's Who in American Women” because of her current work to help others. Her groundbreaking technique, Therapeutic Hypnosis, restores health to the root and source of your problems and goes below the superficial band-aid to real recovery. This technique can heal illness, disease, and emotional trauma.

She first was published internationally in 1995, and has been writing since. Her web site offers radio and television interviews, her radio shows, her art and more. She is available for readings, speaking, and seminars at

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