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Changing Suicide to a Healthy Resolution

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About 22 veterans a day take their own life, according to department estimates. It was recently released by the government, that the number of young veterans committing suicide jumped dramatically from 2009 to 2011; this is a worrying trend that Veterans Affairs officials hope can be reversed. Nevertheless, new suicide data released by the department showed that the rate of all veterans’ suicide remained largely unchanged over that three-year period, the latest for which statistics are available.

I observe that most therapists are not really trained in the emotional causes of suicide and how to reframe the fear into healthy emotions that feel good. I tried suicide and my husband tried to kill me multiple times. I would consider this close to living in a war zone. Domestic Violence or any kind of violence including war creates fear and trauma in the emotional system of a person. When a person feels fearful, hopeless, and helpless in their life they are going to hurt someone to project their pain out, called homicide, or they will hurt themselves called suicide. I am now a counselor and understand this dilemma from personal experiences.

It is about changing their energy into higher comfortable feelings with a sense of worth. Being is hell is not a great place to be. It is possible to release those feelings, however most people are without any tools for improving their emotional state of mind. It is not possible without appropriate help. Many will try some form of killing themselves to relieve their agony and suffering. Most common ways to escape reality are with addictions, alcoholism, or other means to numb out and not be emotionally alive. This usually culminates with the ultimate successful suicide attempt, which is a death wish. Actually, alcohol, prescriptions, or any drugs reinforce the self-destructive feelings to deeper negative intensity over time. The solution is not about drugging a person with a prescription, which is what often happens in current medical protocol.

It takes a choice to live or die. If you choose to find a loving solution to resolve this traumatic picture and provide hope and appropriate help, it is possible to raise your feelings into a healthier consciousness. Sadly, most agencies are not equipped to do this or the stigma of going for help is shameful. Therapeutic Regression is a productive solution with a competent therapist who can reframe the drama into a healthy, most constructive and positive solution along with meditation. This will retrieve good feelings and restore a healthy mind set.

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