Thursday, October 30, 2014

Move from Resistance into Oneness

Previously Posted by Marilyn Redmond on February 21, 2014 at 7:54pm

Do not miss Marilyn’s latest communication from the other side. Over 2500 people have heard her “Messages from Higher Realms” at On February 15, 2014, Marilyn Redmond, a medium, posted a new You Tube. Again, she had new messages for those attending the monthly gathering.

This month St. Germaine shares about “Resistance into Oneness”. There are examples, stories, and information to explain further, how resistance is opposition to moving forward in love. She clarifies and explains ignorance, shame, and fear as hindrances to the love for which you desire as illusions. Discover the two biggest problems in third dimension that are explained. The message brings truth to move forward into the oneness of God’s spirit and Christ Consciousness.

Do not let these terms interferer with the deeper meaning of a loving supportive energy that is in the entire universe. Spirit is a higher consciousness the can guide you and supply your needs. You are encouraged to embrace the resistance and to open your heart into love. Experience the love of God’s presence. This love is a positive energy that connects us all when we release the resistance to it.

Archangel Ariel follows with her exercise for trust. She guides you into an experience of the presence of God. It is a meditation that allows you the permission to experience being immersed in loving energy. Relax and find this conscious connection to the spirit of the universe bath you in a warm, comfortable feeling of unconditional love. This experience can begin your journey into the world of spiritual communion. Try it on a daily basis for your life to produce better results around you and within.

This message offers information not normally discussed. It provides understanding of how it can work for you to improve and grow in your spiritual journey. Marilyn is dedicated to helping people enjoy life and move past the blocks of society to live a life in gratitude and joy within the constant presence of a God of your understanding. All her work is based in revealing the true nature of the love within to promote your life into a heaven on earth.

Marilyn Redmond, CHT, IBRT is a psychic and medium who channels ascended masters and Archangels’ messages. They are available on You Tube. As an Internationally Board Certified Regressionist. Marilyn Redmond assists people to find the root cause of any illness or difficulty, so it can be replaced with a loving solution. She shares her own recovery from violence and illnesses that influenced her life.

She published "The Real Meaning of 2012, Bringing a New Paradigm of Heaven to Earth" on Kindle, which can be downloaded on a PC, at Amazon, She will shortly publish her newest book, "Paradigm Busters, Revealing the Real You". Her story, "Roses Have Thorns, Encouragement for Evolving from Pain to Joy”, is available on or her web site, Over 300,000 have read her many articles on Ground

Marilyn gives readings. In addition, she is an international author, speaker, counselor, columnist, and consultant; she hosted and produced her own talk radio show, “Marilyn's Solutions”, and often appears in interviews on radio and television. Her latest interview about “Mind Control” is on You Tube Her web site offers articles, videos, art, consulting, and counseling information at

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