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An Alternative to Alzheimer’s Disease

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What does a person do to become at-ease and not have any diseases? Disease means you are at dis-ease. Be open to the love in your life; open your heart instead of running from reality. Any disease is a signal that the vital life force is not circulating through your being to nourish it as blood nourishes your body. Any obstacles or barriers to this emotional flow in your system stops the healthy energy from traveling into all your cells. Allowing this energy is like plugging into electricity to make something work. Therefore, when it is missing your life is not energized and ultimately you will die. All disease is a red flag to connect to the missing emotional power usually called love.

What are your fears? Are they from the past? They stop your health and happiness. Our society is steeped in fear, which stops this beneficent force from feeding your being. Sadly, most people ignore what they do not want to address. This causes the disease. Moving into the present and leaving the past trauma and drama behind allows you to live. It may take some self-searching and being open-minded to forgiving yourself or others. This allows your being available to feel the love within and enjoy your life.

The Chinese doctors for thousands of years have known that these blockages from fearful feelings stop the flow of your spirit that is also called life-force, chi, or similar terms. It is the releasing and removing of the fearful blockage that allows your spirit to move completely through out for a healthy body.

Your disease is only a warning sign that you are not in harmony with the universe. It signals that the energy of your being is not functioning in your life. Of course, it makes sense to have a healthy body. Toxic means poisonous; why would you want to poison yourself? Stopping toxic foods supports your healthiness. The foods in the grocery stores are full of chemicals, GMO’s, and hormones that are toxic. Check the ingredients on your labels and try organic foods.

In addition, ending other toxic items as prescriptions, drugs, compulsive behaviors, addictions as smoking, sugar, etc. support wellbeing. Toxic things block the energy flow through the meridians of your emotional system. Looking to experts and solutions outside yourself, for answers to cure your disease are only ways to divert your attention from the inner life of your loving reality.

John H. Tilden, M.D. in his book, Toxemia: The Basic Cause of Disease, states: Dreadful afflictions do not “plague us.” If we are plagued by disease, it is of our own building; and all we need to do to get back to comfort and health is to quit building disease; then our subconscious self gets busy cleaning house…And when the truth is known that healing or the power to throw off disease and get well is wholly within the subconscious and is personal, we will know that curing and palliating by the administration of remedies—drugs, serums, vaccines, surgery, feeding to keep up the strength, etc. — are superfluous, meddlesome, and on the order of throwing a monkey wrench into the machinery. (p.39)

When you eat properly, help others through volunteering in numerous ways, participate in activities, and find time to enjoy yourself through interests, hobbies, sports as golf, bowling, bicycling, or hiking. Being out in nature or gardening is helpful; you have no reason to be in dis-ease. That is unless you still have past emotional baggage you have not released which is taking your energy, so you cannot be present in your life.

My sister-in-law died from Alzheimer’s, because when her husband died, she gave up living. Get into life and live it not just walk through it in a fog of denial, forgetfulness, and ignoring your past. In addition, I had a friend who was not able to move on in his life and died of Alzheimer’s. This disease is a copout.

You will not need to find a way to ignore your past or live in disease and dying. If you are emotionally present in your life, it is likely you will not have Alzheimer’s. The best alternative is to heal it with love, compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude to be alive.

The Father of Holistic Medicine is Edgar Cayce. He has quotes that bring truth. He said that the mind is the builder. What are you building? Health or illness. In addition, he states, “There are in truth no incurable conditions”. I know today that when we are connected to that beneficent inner energy which people call spirit, we live.

Rev. Marilyn Redmond, BA, CHT, IBRT is an award winning international writer, speaker, syndicated columnist, and consultant. She also am a spiritual counselor, internationally board certified regressionist and past life therapist. Marilyn was inducted into Who's Who for Professionals and Executives. She has taught in colleges and wellness centers.

Promoting reality and wellbeing by bringing insights, information, and understanding to current issues not usually addressed by the media is her mission. Going beyond the misinformation, or biased news reporting, she writes from experience, facts, and hidden truths. She shares the dynamics of life through her own recovery.

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