Friday, October 31, 2014

The Most Recent "Channeling From Higher Realms"

The most recent channeling from Marilyn Redmond, “Channeling From Higher Realms” is now available for you viewing pleasure and information. This time the sections of the channeling make it easier to hear just the part that is of your interest. Part One is the beginning of this session with Martha, her gatekeeper, introducing John, The Divine. She explains her function in helping Marilyn stay safe while channeling. Moreover, she introduces John who then begins his information for questions from those in the audience. Usually, the information is generic and helpful to others. One question is about an angel appearing for help to protect his bicycle. Another question was about publishing a book.

Part Two offers powerful information from St. Germain explaining “consciousness”. Often this is a misunderstood term. Changing your consciousness to sending out love will change you and your reality. It is moving lower energy into a higher loving energy. This is often called ascension. He said, “When you remove everything unloving, love is all that is left”.

This is also called Christ consciousness. As you change the energy of the earth is changing. As the earth moves into higher vibrations it is raising your energy, the earth is the macro and you are the micro. Love is in the giving, from an open heart. Spirit flows away to manifest out to become your prosperity and abundance. You do create your own reality. In Fifth Dimension, you will find that God’s grace is sufficient and your needs will be supplied from an unlimited spirit of God. He explains the biggest change coming.

In Part, Three St Germain ends his information. He explains becoming a creator in your life. Grace is bringing you home to Christ consciousness.

Archangel Ariel follows with a wonderful exercise for shifting and clearing old energy no longer sustainable currently in a higher dimension. She guides people through visualization to help clean emotional residue of shame, bitterness, grief, or guilt. She has the people see themselves in a spa where the tar type energy that sticks and influences your consciousness form shame and guilt. You are lead through a cleansing of “your” old deep fearful emotions for a purification of your energy.

More people are watching these channelings. If you go back to the early channelings, you will find they are in progression for your growth in steps. Each session has a topic that is necessary for more information to progress into a higher dimension with the goal of unconditional love. Each channeling ends with an exercise to release the old energy beyond the past fears and traumas.

Marilyn is dedicated to helping people enjoy life. She provides understanding of how you can improve and grow in your spiritual journey. Marilyn assists people in counseling, regression, and channeling to move past the blocks of society to live a life in gratitude and joy within the constant presence of a God of your understanding.

All her work is based in revealing the true nature of the love within to promote your life into a heaven on earth. Her just released book, “The Real Meaning of 2012’ A New Paradigm Bringing Heaven to Earth” explains the process and dynamics.

Rev. Marilyn Redmond, BA CHT, IBRT is a psychic and medium who channels ascended masters and Archangels’ messages. They are available on You Tube. As an Internationally Board Certified Regressionist. Marilyn Redmond assists people to find the root cause of any illness or difficulty, so it can be replaced with a loving solution. She shares her own recovery from violence and illnesses that influenced her life.

Now available is her latest book in paperback, “The Real Meaning of 2012, Bringing a New Paradigm of Heaven to Earth”. It is also on Kindle, which can be downloaded on a PC, at Amazon, She will shortly publish her next book, "Paradigm Busters, Revealing the Real You" before the end of the year. Her story, "Roses Have Thorns, Encouragement for Evolving from Pain to Joy”, is available on or her web site, Over 300,000 have read her many articles on Ground

Marilyn gives readings. In addition, she is an international author, speaker, counselor, columnist, and consultant; she hosted and produced her own talk radio show, “Marilyn's Solutions”, and often appears in interviews on radio and television. Her latest interview available on You Tube was discussing the dynamics and solution to Domestic Violence, which is in four sessions. Her blog has a new address,

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