Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Moving Out of the Fog-Fear, Obligation, and Guilt

Marilyn L. Redmond talks about her moving beyond the FOG of Fear Obligation and Guilt , on Youtube. Her stories share her changes and progress into gratitude, love, forgiveness, and compassion. This poignant talk shows that overcoming the most difficult times is possible. She has moved into a higher consciousness where her life has changed for the better and she has become fearless, guiltless, and enjoys independence. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwrdkghqeSw&feature=youtu.be

Her personal story is inspirational and presents the beneficial results of a new way to respond to victimizing and harmful situations. Learning that love never fails has been a valuable lesson. Her account shares several experiences for learning healthy responses that bring better results.  

Learning trust, faith, and to follow her inner guidance has brought a new life of peace and happiness.   Marilyn's  story can help those looking for answers to come out of being a victim, too. She has changed her motivations from fear by releasing them and replacing love and grace.

Marilyn's latest book is "Paradigm Busters, Reveal the Real You". These  600 pages can transform your life. She details the steps to move out of being a victim, powerless, and insecure. Marilyn has moved out of her past dysfunctional life into a new mindset to find self-love.

With 25 years of crating, her book is the ultimate how to book for those looking for answers that work. She found life is not a mystery, if you understand the dynamics of the universe. Now you can overcome your fears and other problems, too. http://www.amazon.com/Marilyn-Redmond/e/B0069WIKDC 

 Marilyn is one of the planet's true uninhibited spiritual warriors on a unique mission to help rid humanity of negative forces and embrace the light and healing desperately desired. This book is a must for anyone interested in the relationship between spiritual, psychological, and medical healing.

A true and inspiriting story of injury and the search for physical, mental, and spiritual healing. It is a life workbook, University earth. Her teachings and techniques for spiritual, psychological, and medical healing speaks to the higher purpose in life—the unlimited potential all of us have to empower others and ourselves.   

Check out her website at http://www.angelicasgifts.com. Her books are at http://www.amazon.com/Marilyn-Redmond/e/B0069WIKDC. Read her blog http://marilynredmondbooks.blogspot.com. Redmond has 126 videos for lectures, interviews, and spiritual information on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=marilyn+redmond&page=1

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