Sunday, October 9, 2016



Marilyn Redmond

Total darkness hides my path.
Not a glimmer of light shines.
Only fear, shame, and family guilt
surround and fill my essence.
How lonely, no one there for me.
Nothing to grasp for security.
Lost in the dark, what can I change? 
Without a clue I try to do life another way
Walking into brick walls, the bleeding hurts.

Years of abuse, anguish, and pain
Continues every step in agony.
Hoping for a better life eludes me.
How do you leave this prison to breathe?
Death fills me, the end is here.  A spark
Of light, tells me I want to exist.
How do I find the way? Amazingly,
Answers appear.  A path materializes
For my initiation to start.

Being honest, is the first clue
Hope and faith emerge to light the way.
Work to release all the obstacles, gradually
Allow more light to shine, brightness dawns.
Consciousness confirms my picture expanding
As a new puzzle piece fits into place.
Letting go of the obstructions to truth,
Reality increases.  As my nightmare leaves,
More sunshine appears.  

Clarity, harmony nurture security; no longer alone.
Continuing this journey into additional love
Brings gifts daily of inner happiness, joyfulness.
Removing every negative piece
Allows more grace to fill the empty space
Good feelings become frequent
Enjoy and share.  Past pains of separation
Dispel in the sunlight of my spirit.

Disease, miseries throbbing, disappear
Love like icing covers past disloyalty.
Coming home to caring arms
Surround me in unconditional charm.
No more criticism, judgment, or condemnation
Evermore embracing my infinite light within saying
All is good, all is love.

My inner home is eternally enduring.    ©2015 

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