Monday, October 31, 2016

Famous Channeler Suzanne Ward sees "Paradigm Busters" as a must-read!

Reviews are coming in for "Paradigm Busters, Reveal the Real You" . Get you copy at  

Dear Marilyn...

It’s wonderful that you already have excellent endorsements!  I was waiting to hear that you’re back at your desk so I can send you what I wrote:  

     If you want a joyful, uplifting life, Paradigm Busters: Reveal the Real You is the ultimate “how-to” book. Author Marilyn Redmond leads you step by step into self-empowerment and onto the pathway of self-discovery. Her book is much more than an explicit guide to fearlessly create life circumstances you want—it also takes you on an exhilarating conscious and spiritual journey that reveals your eternal divine soul-self. Paradigm Busters is a must-read!
                                                                           Suzanne Ward
                Matthew, Tell Me about Heaven and other books in the series
With blessings for your work to reach millions of readers, LOVE and PEACE...


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