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July Channeling up for your Enjoyment

July, 2015 Channeling Up for Your Enjoyment

Marilyn Redmond 

The Evolution of Humanity into Love.

Rev. Marilyn Redmond on July 17, 2015 brought forth a powerful sessions for enlightenment and at the same time for transforming your energy into new thinking and experiencing planet earth.  This channeling is commanding and helpful for the listener to understand personal spiritual growth needed to be sustainable in current times.  Evolving into unconditional love is challenging. However, with this information there is no need for fear or resistance.  It is an adventure.  You can hear it at You Tube.   

Part 1-St. Germaine, shares the evolution of humanity into love.  Jesus announced this message 2000 years ago.  The third dimension is moving out from third dimension of the ego for the higher energy of love to be the only energy on the planet.  Only what God creates is real.  Outer focus is an illusion as it is from the ego, which God did not create and therefore not real. 
Listeners are encouraged to change attention from Television, movies, and the media that is cleverly programmed to keep you in lower vibrations of energy.

The only focus needs to be the Law of Love.  Spiritual perceptions can replace your old activities.   You are spiritual beings releasing your faults from fears of third dimension.  He explains what real marriage is.  God is the only power in the universe. 

Heaven is coming to earth as told in the Lord’s Prayer.  When you become vulnerable, it is possible to pass out God’s love to others.  You develop humility and become a conduit of God’s goodness.  You move into knowing God’s grace is sufficient.

Part 2- St John the Divine, from the Bible has a powerful message.  He tells about the community of the Essences, who taught the “Right Use of Energy”. His information is about the process of releasing the negative energy to raise your consciousness producing positive and loving consequences.  This was taught in the Mystery Schools of the past where masters learned how to accomplish this new higher consciousness through initiations. Jesus explained this process of rearranging your inner energy into being positive through his stories called parables.  Jacob’s ladder is the steps up into a higher consciousness. 

Part 3 is by Archangel Ariel brings a guided contemplation and offers the rest of the story for this channeling session.  She explains the need to also look inside and hear your inner child.  Listening to the voice of the inner child needs to be heard so you can return to your whole spirit.  You are a holy spirit.

“The Real Meaning of 2012, A New Paradigm Bringing Heaven to Earth” is a book channeled by Marilyn that explains in more detail this process of releasing the ego’s messages of fear in the third dimension.  There is a paperback version or a Kindle download, to read the information about reducing the influence of the ego in life, to raise consciousness.  It is available at Marilyn’s first book, Roses Have Thorns:  chronicles her traumatic journey. It is available with her E-books at

Rev. Marilyn Redmond, CHT, IBRT is a psychic and medium who channels ascended masters and Archangels’ messages. She talks to those passed over, tells of your past lives, and answers your questions in trance.  Her channeling, lectures, and interviews are available on You Tube, Read her blog at  Check out her web site Angelica’s  

In addition, she is an international Counselor, Speaker, Consultant, Author, Artist, and Ordained Minister. She is available for speaking, interviews, seminars, and individual counseling. 

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