Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Dear David,

 I appreciate that you take time out of your busy schedule to express your opinion.  However, I am talking about the inner emotional and spiritual damage of a child from my experience and now a counselor for twenty years helping those who have been maltreated from those blocking love in their lives. 

When a critic, or famous person says something is good, that does not make it so.  A critic is a person with a bias and personal history that influences their comments. Is this really a loving play or people projecting anger and rage on younger people who have no choice in their lives? We need to think for ourselves and not listen to experts, critics, or follow the crowd. 

Why would a critic find this so wonderful unless they are so unhappy themselves they wish to spread it around?  Abuse comes from hatred, unhappiness, fear, and emotional insecurity. Would our lives be better if we improved our attitudes to spread love to all, and love our neighbors as ourselves? What does your heart tell you?

People who are abused pass it on in the family and to their friends.  Their soul and essence has been damaged.  The Bible says this passes through six generations.  I choose to stop it with me and not pass it on. This explains why the childhood abuse of celebrities like Johnny Carson and Michael Landon re-created their abuse in their adult lives. Abuse has to stop with everyone if we want peace on earth.

Abuse is always the basis of the violence in our lives in relationships, communities, and countries. The results of abuse which is stopping love,  are shootings in theaters, schools, bombing buildings,  even wars, etc. The anger passed on in the family finally increases within the damaged child to their “wounded inner child” inside an adult and it has to blow.  Then the abused person hurts someone else homicide or themselves, called suicide. When you love yourself, you do not hurt others or yourself. Let there be love and let it begin with me, is the most useful comment in our nation. 

Mother Teresa said, “Not being wanted is the worst disease.”  The show, "Matilda", begins with her not being wanted by her father or mother as the play moves into more betrayal and disloyalty from her parents and surroundings. This is certainly not what my all-loving God would want for children to experience. The child is seen as property upon which to project their personal anger. This is a real problem society needs to expose and change.  Healthy children are wanted, cared for, and given respect as a person and a loved member in a family. Love breeds love, abuse breeds abuse.  Which do you choose?

In Charlie in the Chocolate Factory, he was loved by his parents and grandparents. He had a loving heart from a nurturing family.  That love manifested into a winning ticket for him.  This is a great lesson.  Love brings heaven to earth.

For your information, I have been a musician all my life. I have a degree in music.   I have traveled as far as New York and Canada to musical theater. Writing a musical depicting overcoming abuse rather than perpetuating it would be a lifetime thrill. I started writing a musical about my life several times.  It is a spiritual victory.  Through my personal and successful recovery from nine addictions, PTSD, domestic violence, Fibromyalgia, depression, Bipolar Disorder, paranoid schizophrenia, I found these were my survival behaviors from emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual childhood abuse, incest, molestation, and a thirty-year co-dependent domestic violent marriage of rape.  Since my psychiatrist has declared me sane, I encourage emotionally and mentally healthy lives for all. 

Today, I know we are all looking for love in the wrong places.  This is the dilemma of the human race.  The powers that run the world have encouraged this through all parts of our society.  They produce violence to take our focus of what is “real”.  As in the musical "Pippin", he says, that it was “all between his ears”.  Now we have the opportunity to bring loving “reality” to musical theater and come from our hearts for children and all.  The little child in each of us can finally grow up into maturity and find that love is--that is reality. 

Another review by the audience.   · Sequim, WASaw MATILDA THE MUSICAL 8/25/2015.  This is not a cute, sweet show for young children ....they just wouldn't get the story.  

I appreciate your thoughtfulness of the extra tickets, addressing this issue, and being concerned.


Marilyn Redmond

Rev. Marilyn L. Redmond,
BA, CHT, IBRT (Internationally Board Certified for Regression Therapy) 

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