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Some people believe that there is a medical answer to alcoholism.  This is a misunderstanding of the issue.  Medication (Naltrexone) is still a drug. Replacing one drug for another is just a substitution.  Any drug can replace alcohol, as they are chemically similar.  Therefore, you are not clean, but maybe sober. 

A toxic free body is the only healthy body that can think clearly from my experience.  A drugged person is still a drugged person.  This became my experience as I got off all prescriptions over 14 years ago. I have been sober for 30 years, but still was not sane until I became drug free.  When I became aware that knowing I can trust God completely and not people or pills for my answers and guidance, my life improved into a sane and healthy life style of unconditional love.  I found life is about trusting God not a pill.

A drug is a drug, is a drug. A pill is not liquid, but has the same chemical impact.  Valium has been called the ‘ultimate dry martini’. It does not matter the substance, what matters is, is it toxic (poison).  All drugs are poison.  I have been off all prescriptions to achieve finally a real God conscientiousness.  I have moved into a higher consciousness as Jesus and other ascended masters.  

What people really need to change is to reduce the influence of “the ego” and then you will not want to drink.  Then you are filled with the unconditional love of God and you are worthy in God’s eyes.  Alcoholism is not a drug deficiency, but a God deficiency.  If you have been edging God out with drugs, then edge him in without drugs through meditation and hypnosis. 

The 12-step program informs a person how to remove the emotional, mental and behaviors that stop a conscious connection to God. That is the perfect program. That is moving out of a material world of Third Dimension and looking outside of yourself to be fixed, but to seek inside to find your “inner love”.  

Hypnosis puts you in an altered state of meditation where you can replace the fears with God’s love in your heart. I have become fearless.   It is about opening your heart to send out your love to manifest in your life. You no longer need to react from fear, which is an illusion.

 I help my clients by replacing their fear with love. My current book, “The Real Meaning of 2012, A New Paradigm to Bring Heaven to Earth” explains the dynamics of reducing the influence of the ego. It is possible to have a clean body and experience unconditional love. My next book explains the details of how to find sanity when you will not even want to drink, “Paradigm Busters, Reveal the Real You” will be out soon.  They are on

Drugs stop spirituality and that is why you need to be not only sober, but also clean.  We are on earth to purify our lives; any drug stops this.

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