Monday, March 9, 2015

About Vaccinations

Do you have an open-mind?  Through research, I learned that early in the Twentieth Century a group of people met to organize medicine and the AMA as their official organization, with the purpose to bring profits to the pharmaceutical companies.

Medicine is about money and inciting fear to use them.  Medications and vaccinations are drugs. Drugs are poison. When you poison a person, the side effects can be deadly.  I almost died from this protocol.  I now am an international holistic health teacher, counselor and consultant promoting alternative methods that advance hope and health instead of encouraging toxic poisonous substances.

I found that health is not a deficiency of drugs, but the body’s signal you are not in harmony or balance in your life.  When the emotional balance is restored, there are no symptoms to drug, medicate or vaccinate. The body can heal itself without drugs. Drugs actually impede or stop the healing process a person desires.   They also prevent emotional growth and the person becomes a follower and easily victimized by others including the government.

A Ph.D researcher from the CDC, who found his reports were missing key information about the negative effects from his findings, contacted meBecause earlier journalists who tried to bring unsettling facts to light had their stories altered, totally quashed, or more devastating consequences were enacted, I declined.  He asked me to write an article about the CDC sending out misleading information about vaccinations.  They were not releasing truthful information to the population from his reports and findings. They gave the impression that all was fine. The deception of the medical community is gradually being revealed.  He is a whistle blower. 

There is a difference between immunizations and vaccinations. There are many extraneous substances in vaccinations included that create disabilities for the children, especially mercury.  There is a policy to keep the public from knowing the truth and to subvert the course of justice.  In addition, the mainstream media have been highly selective in what they report — and have consistently failed to convey information that would cause concern.

I suggest you look at the web site, and other sites about the truth in this matter.  The video: exposes Big Pharma's is there for profit and for promoting benefits, features, and advantages. They discourage telling the side effects.  Dr. John Rengen Virapen says on this video the drugs have killed more people than wars.

In the case of vaccinations, the drug companies were sued by so many parents about the results of medical tragedies incurred by their children from vaccinations, that the companies could not afford all the lawsuits.  Now the government has stopped any litigation for damages.  Therefore, you take the vaccination without any way to have justice if your child is one that has damaging effects. 

Research today is from the drug companies who provide biased information. Withholding information as in the case of one drug, which made billions of dollars for Lily and Company, continued for many years.  Finally, they had to declare that Paxil brought on depression, homicidal, and suicidal results to the users. 

In addition, the doctor who named ADHD told at his death that it was a hoax to sell Ritalin.  They had a drug without a market and began propaganda to sell this drug.  These drugs are the basis for many of the mall shootings and Columbine.  The students were on prescriptions and were in drugged states.  Drugs create violence and terrible health consequences to the user.

The medical field is all about pushing people to buy drugs and it is not about health.  So thinking you are helping people to be safe by promoting vaccinations is inaccurate.  This actually perpetuates the demise from poisons added into the vaccinations.   Please encourage free choice from this unnecessary poisoning of the population.  It is no different from the people at Jamestown drinking the Kool-aid.  People are waking up to not wanting to drink the poison, but live without the toxic elements in their bodies that are poisonous.

Please keep the rights of the people rather than encourage drugs that do more harm than good. The public needs to protect themselves from these fraudulent practices of the CDC, drug companies, and the media. As an investigative journalist, I beg you not to perpetuate the poisoning of the public through lies. Your body has natural healing abilities and therefore, most drugs are usually not reasonable or practical.  

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