Sunday, February 8, 2015

Letter to a Skeptic

I always write from my experience.  I love these discussions. “Ending the energy drain from past issues elevates you to a height of God consciousness, love, or healthy vibrations of well-being”. This is my experience from 30 years of “daily dying to the old me”. The first time I heard about the past draining my energy was on a DVD by Carolyn Myss.  She said that when we are not in the “now”, the past and future are draining our energy from having 100% of our daily energy to run our lives.  She was explaining illness as the signal that energy is draining and that prevents wellness for living in the now.  This is also the basis for Alcoholics Anonymous as they have the steps to remove the past emotional baggage that stops “the conscious knowing I am in the prescence of God.”

The point of the article is to change my vibrations of energy, because “Like attracts like”.
I am an energy field, spirit, and can choose to change the level of my vibrational energy.  For me, it is about attracting more love into my life instead of continuing on the same path. My difficulties also came from past lives. My history recreated until I identified the obstacles preventing love to flow through my life. I took responsibility to change my subconscious vibrations into an energy of love releasing the fear, abuse, or calamity.  They stopped the love from manifesting from my heart. They covered my inner love of my birthright as a spiritual being.

My despair became my outward focus instead of the Great Reality inside.  Where my focus of consciousness is attracts fearful or loving events to me.  As I spiritually grew, I matured out of my fearful reactive, immature history into responding in more mature responses to life. I can now be safe, be myself, in the “now” to expand in love.

It is the spirit within that needs to grow into unconditional love to attract more; it is an inside job.  I have out grown domestic violence with incest from childhood and a thirty-year domestic violent marriage of rape to understand how I attracted that, what to change and how.  My mediations, masters, guides, and Archangels have revealed to me the answers. These principles work in all parts of my life.  

I did not see my subconsciousness messages coming back, I was told early in my searching for the God within.  “It is what I do not see that needs to change.  What is invisible is real.”   I now know that in the past, I was projecting all those parts of me that still needed healing to make me whole, while I was trying to look good. 

People reflect back to me the traits that have splintered off and need to be loved back into wholeness.  Joyful acceptance of all things, people, and events in my life works to return to oneness with God.  I am a child of God and so is everyone else. They played their parts to help me see that I can change my energy back to love. I thank them today for playing their parts so well. I celebrate them in joyous acceptance. This allows me to enjoy the “now”.  I am in joy, I am in gratitude and I am in the prescence of God. Today, I am in a relationship of unconditional love for nearly 14 years.

God is, and life is.  It is not good or bad, but that it was the lessons to learn to move my souls’ energy into oneness with the spirit of the universe.  I just recently was told in mediation, I had healed my karma after 30 years of forgiveness work, sending love, etc.  I felt my energy shift to neutral about my stepfather, a man, I called in the past, “the devil incarnate”. 

I do create my own reality.  I choose to create what is real and only the God within is real, not my outer world that is manifested from the level of my consciousness from my ego’s fear, selfishness, and self-centeredness that “uses” others.  I choose to give to others from a clean heart that channels only “Thy Will Be Done.”  I am only a vessel of His spirit being used to help and contribute to others.  Of myself, I am nothing, God doeth the work. My Father and I are one. This will bring heaven/love to earth, when I release all the barriers to God’s love flowing through my life.

In my wholeness, there is no lack, no limitations, or no insecurity.  I become a multidimensional being of light not restricted to earthly experience.  I leave the material, duality behind and move into a higher dimension of Fifth dimension also called ascension, grace, or heaven on earth. I have left the influence of my ego (edging God out) and have returned to my birthright as one with God, oneness. Of course, I still have many levels to transcend according to one of the charts by Mack included in my latest book, but I am on the way. I came to earth to enjoy and not be stuck here eternally.

I learned I was here to change my consciousness and I was an energy field. Putting the word “God” on my water in my drinking bottle had a huge effect on this change over the past couple of years; I actually felt myself maturing.  Usually today, I respond in love to the events or people in my life quite quickly. They are just being themselves and it is not about me.  Besides, I use mediation, hypnosis and flower essences to add additional pure energy into the mix. Whenever I release my fearful negativity, the only way is up because love is a higher vibrational energy than fear. 

Of course, I have to do this on a conscious level, as the trick is to “Knowing” a conscious prescence with God, and not just talking about it intellectually. Life is about experiencing. When I experience the prescence of God, I am in a higher consciousness.  This is becoming more constant in my life. Last night, I experienced this as I went to see the ballet, “Don Quixote”.  It was magic.

I have to make room for the new.  My pneumonia was actually a detoxing the suicidal energy from my body and this consciousness to leave room for more of my experiencing God. I conquered my last fear before Christmas.  This made room for more love in my experience.  When I release I find a void. My masters told me in meditation to fill it with the love and grace of God, immediately. 

My channelings are all about making room for a higher consciousness.  I purposely address all negative energy in my life and release it daily. This is “dying to the self”.  I have to purify my consciousness or reduce the influence of the ego, to rise up into 5th Dimension.  That is my mission on earth to raise my consciousness back into oneness, because I had separated from God.  The true message of the masters is that I am a Christed being, releasing my human faults and selfishness from fears, returning home.   The water is like a homeopathic remedy that moves me up Jacob’s ladder more easily.   My angel chart with the book section I sent you, diagrams this.  

I have taught a workshop for over 23 years of how to raise consciousness into a God/Christ Consciousness. My spiritual counseling and regressions are all about replacing love from the trauma of the past.  I share with others from my experience to achieve a higher level of experience.  Hope this makes sense. It works for me, wonderfully. I live without any fears in abundance, peace, and unconditional love, today.

Blessings, Marilyn 

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