Friday, June 24, 2016

Marilyn L. Redmond Sponsored by Famous Dr. PMH Atwater of Near-Death Phenomena

Marilyn L. Redmond is now listed on the website of the famous Dr. PMH Atwater. Dr. Atwater is an international authority on near-death experiences. Her site is one of the internet's most comprehensive sites on the near-death phenomenon! See Marilyn's listing on Dr. Atwater's website at

Dr. Atwater says that "Marilyn's experience as a very young child kept her alive. Over the years that followed, Marilyn survived domestic abuse, a dozen life-threatening events, healed nine addictions, and was declared sane by her psychiatrist. No joke. This woman’s been through “the mill” in a life that continually challenged everything she knew to be true. As with most near-death experiencers, “downloads” continued for her afterward. What I mean by “downloads” is that information and revelations from the Other Side can continue to occur for experiencers long after the phenomenon is over. This is especially true for Marilyn.

"Marilyn wrote a book entitled Paradigm Busters, Reveal the Real You.' I became fearless and moved out of hell and into Christ Consciousness. By sharing my story, I hope to empower all my clients, students, and readers to seek their healing, using the gifts within, and the pure grace of God’s Love.' She says her wisdom comes directly from her Spirit Guides and angels in the various readings, writing, and teaching that she does. Yup, this woman in now an Award Winning Writer, Speaker, Consultant, Columnist (she has a blog and a newsletter), Counselor, and Psychic/Medium." Her interviews, lectures, and channeling are on Youtube.

Dr. Atwater believes "Marilyn is genuine". In addition, Dr. Atwater said in receiving Marilyn's information for her latest work exclaimed, "Well, my dear, you came through in spades. Thank you so much for being a part of this study. I honor you, I appreciate you, and I bless you. In spirit, PMH". 

Redmond is one of the planet's true uninhibited spiritual warriors on a unique mission to help rid humanity of negative forces and embrace the light/healing desperately desired. Redmond says that her story is not a fairy tale, although many will disregard her genuine information that confirms life is an inside job.

Her credentials include Internationally Board Certified for Regression Therapy, on the American Board of Hypnosis, a lifetime member of the Association for Research and Enlightenment. As an ordained spiritual minister, Marilyn does counseling, past life therapy, readings, and talks to those passed over. Her channeling is monthly and found on Youtube. She has taught in colleges, wellness centers, and for metaphysical groups. It is easy to see Marilyn's extensive and exciting work. She recently became am international columnist with "The Sussex Newspaper" in England. 

website is Enjoy her books at . She has her own blog at and writes for several other blogs. Many lectures, interviews, and spiritual information are on Youtube at  
Her mail link to subscribe to her newsletter is


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