Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dear Congressman: Stop Forced Vaccinations

You said to contact you with information about vaccinations.  I am most concerned for several reasons.  As an international writer, counselor, teacher, speaker and consultant for Holistic Health, I educate people on healthy choices for a healthy body and emotional balance.  In addition, I have found drugs are poison to the body from my own experience of nearly dying from my doctors’ prescriptions in my life.

In my research, I found that the misinformation about vaccinations is deceiving the public.  Robert Kennedy Jr. on the Bill Maher television interview stated that the CDC is corrupt. A whistleblower from the CDC contacted me to write about this.  He was a Ph.D. researcher who did the studies at the CDC. He found that they omitted the negative consequences from his information and only promoted the positive.  

Dr. John Rengen Virapen says, “Stop killing the children”. He claims the drug companies are looking for new markets. He adds that they are in bed with government and political leaders. They are targeting the children. The following videos are sequential and expose people, governments, and drug company secrets.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qmi3ihrUHJU, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NuAQ-x2Ijc, and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yonLy3BHrc, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_bTP5cK-J0.  However, at the end of part four another doctor explains a law from ex-president Bush’s legacy about drugging all children and all those around children for mental illness from birth and even the mothers before birth, in the guise of mental illness.

Dr. John Rengen Virapen is a whistleblower who worked for 35 years for Eli Lilly Company and tells that doctors are only told features, advantages, and benefits. These videos by Dr. John Rengen Virapen on You Tube are very powerful information that exposes the drug companies’ hidden agendas. He claims that drugs kill more people than the wars. Eli Lilly hid the dangerous side effects of Prozac for many years. They were fined the biggest amount in history, but the news was never written or told to inform the people. They are interested in getting you sick and your taking the medication for the rest of your life. They do not cure anything he says. 

In addition, “Bought”, http://www.boughtmovie.com/, is a documentary that exposes the crisis in the children’s’ health and families needing to attend to the results of the consequences of vaccinations financially, family crisis, and destroying health.   Mothers are told do not worry about the vaccination. It is a normal reaction to the vaccine.  They are told that they are safe to proceed and then parents end up with a vaccine damaged child. They watch their normal healthy child withdraw and go into an altered state, an autistic state, and a damaged state; however, you want to characterize it. In the case of vaccinations, you cannot sue a vaccine manufacturer; you cannot even sue them for faulty design because vaccines are faulty by nature. Their legal classification is “Unavoidably Unsafe”; that is their legal classification.

One example of a lack in discerning proper health protocol for vaccinations is about Hepatitis B, which is a devastating disease. It can be a life long battle for its victims. Hep-B’s is a blood borne illness primarily spread through sexual contact, sharing needles, and coming into contact with an infected person’s blood. Medical workers are at high risk for exposure to this disease, as are drug users and those who participate in risky sexual behaviors. But newborns? The CDC currently recommends that 100% of newborn be vaccinated for Hep-B, even though there is little evidence that the vaccination would prevent exposure from an infected mother. And NO evidence that it would provide long-term immunity.
However, they still want you to vaccinate your child against it. Why? The short answer, it is easier to give every newborn a vaccination than to test every mother for Hep-B. It is also far more profitable. So, rather than requiring expectant mothers to be tested, they want you to inject your newborn with a completely untested vaccine. This is on the hopes that it might prevent transmission in the minuscule percentage of mothers who may be infected. Until 2013, they did not even perform studies on newborns who actually were as risk from infected mothers, to dubious results.
Are we over vaccinating kids, with dangerous, untested vaccines, just because we can? Because it is profitable or because it is easier than doing the work to prevent the transmission other ways. These are newborns, with fragile immune systems. We are injecting them with chemicals, hours after their birth, to prevent a disease that is not highly communicable, that a fraction of mothers has, and with a vaccine that has never been studied. The manufacturer stated themselves that they had not studied the vaccine’s effects on newborns, when asked for evidence on vaccine safety for newborns, they stated,"We have none. Our studies were done on 5- and 10-year-olds.” — The Congressional Quarterly, August 25, 2000, pg. 647.  Should we really be giving the vaccine to your children?
In addition, the documentary, “Bought”, also addresses the issue of GMO’s.  How could anyone argue against at least labeling foods GMO? If they have nothing to hide, if GMOs are safe and effective or propose any threat to individuals who consume them, why would you be worried about putting it on the label of the food that you sell?  There is something that seen rather sneaky about people manufacturing food, researching it, engineering it, and marketing to us and for some reason or other they don’t want to tell us what’s in it?

We are supposed to be in the United States, the land of the free where those types of things don’t happen but this is such a issue as far as saying “this is scary, this is disturbing, this is unknown”, but other countries who technically might be less free as far as individual rights are concerned are saying no to GMOs until there is more data.

 In addition, I suggest you look into the organization that supports choice in vaccinations for parents and children. http://www.nvic.org/ is a responsible group with supporting human rights and not forced vaccinations. The woman who started this association, by Barbara Loe Fisher, NVIC Co-founder and President had a child affected. Her format is “We Will Not Give Up Our Human Rights for Our Civil Rights.”  Everyone’s body is different and will respond differently in every case of vaccinations.

Please help stop mass vaccinations in the name of health. This is totally a false impression to trick the public from fearful propaganda.  I want to quote Dr. John H. Tilden, M.D. who stated in his book, "Toxemia: the Basic Cause of Disease".  “And when the truth is known that healing, or the power to throw off disease and get well, is wholly within the subconscious and is personal, we will know that curing and palliating by the administration of remedies—drugs, serums, vaccines, surgery, feeding to keep up the strength, etc. are superfluous, meddlesome, and on the order of throwing a monkey wrench into the machinery. tactics.”   I know from my personal experience and many years of work in this field, we are born with a healthy body.  Let us maintain that health and not add toxic substances that are poisons.

I have included the letter that I have sent to many organizations, my legislators, congress people, and the White House about forced vaccinations coming.  Children in foreign countries are now being forced, some at gun point, through programs by Bill Gates without parental consent for this vaccination campaign.  It is not about health, but producing profits and a country of drugged, victims that follow what they are told. 

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